Welcome to Cotswold Automotive Park

Our aim for the Automotive Park has been to create a design that is both modern, sustainable and harmonious with its surroundings.

Working with the landscape, the museum is the centre piece in a new parkland setting that aims to rehabilitate brownfield areas of the site. Several land uses that are required to facilitate the establishment of the museum have been combined to form a crescent.

A collection of small units is proposed at the entrance to the park to support the collections housed within the musuem with the aim of generating local skills, employment and a resource to support the wider community of classic automobile collectors in the area.

The Site

Approximately 132-acres and located in the south of the Great Tew Estate, West Oxfordshire. Great Tew is a village and civil parish about 5 miles north-east of Chipping Norton and 8 miles south-west of Banbury.

The Design Philosophy

The centrepiece of the Cotswold Automotive Park is a unified development whereby a proportion of the required residential and commercial units complement the main museum building in a manner that is analogous to the traditional country estate.

The Cotswold Automotive Park is divided into three key zones; The Crescent, Landscape Lodges and Automotive Village.

The Crescent

The Cresent forms the centerpiece to the Cotswold Automotive Park, housing the focal piece that is the Automotive Museum, as well as the Bentley Pavilion, Showroom and sixteen Cresent Residential Pavilions. It was considered fundamental that the main museum and pavilions become connected in a single architectural gesture during the evaluation of the previous masterplan.

Cotswold Automotive Park has created the opportunity for the collector owners of the Pavilions to be connected directly to the vault space of the museum.

The Automotive Village

The Automotive Village stands as the primary point of entry to the site, the concept is to create a small cluster of workshop type buildings forming a small paddock that contains a ticket kiosk, a security office and a site administration building. Additional garage units for metal fabrication workshops, engineering and specialist bodywork/interiors will support the unkeep and maintenance of the Mullin collection as well as providing wider services for local classic car enthusiasts.